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Do you know why vShare is the best and on the No 1 position among all the other other appstores for iOS devices. It is because of its easy installation and ton of free apps and games including paid ones. vShare iOS 9.1 can be installed on your device without any problems with this new 2016 Method because many users don’t get very lucky with vShare iOS installation. V Share has remained the best cracked appstores for iPhone and iPad since it was released because it contains those apps and games for free which are paid and it doesn’t require jailbreaking. So, you wont be having a risk of jailbreaking your device when installing vShare for iOS 9.1. This v-share store has got success rapidly and now claims to have more than 60 Million users and 1 Million free apps and games.

What this app does, is when you install the app on your phone, it opens you into its official server where they have all the free applications to download and install. Moreover vShare is the best or you can say the better alternative of Cydia, Installaous, and Appcake. Installaous being officially closed so, now there remains only two platforms Cydia and Appcake and they require jailbreaking. V Share has the best audience form these two platforms. Most of the users fail to install vShare iOS 9.1 without jailnreak properly because the tutorials given on other sites are not tested and authentic. They rewrite the methods from other sources without testifying. But now we are here. is the only site that is made only for VShare users and the methods are authentic, first testified on the devices and then being published. So, this method and every method you get from here for installing iOS 9.1 v share will be fully working and new.

vSHare for iOS 9.1
vShare for iOS 9.1

vShare for iOS 9.1- New 2016 Method

For installing vShare on iOS 9.1 you need an Apple device running iOS 9.1 or greater or even iOS 9. Instructions are given below in easy to follow detailed steps so you can understand it well. We have the process to install v share for every iOS version on every specific model. Just go to the homepage and you will find the tutorial you need.

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Anyway let us proceed the process. Before starting I want to tell you guys that the method I am going to show you is tried by me and works perfectly. I tried this on my unjailbroken iPhone 4S running iOS 9.2 but it should work on iOS 9.2 as well. The only thing changed was I didn’t had the sim card in it. So, lets start.

Features of VShare iOS

Some of the features of vShare iOS 9.1 are below.

  • Updated and compatible with latest iOS version.
  • More than 1 Million free apps and games.
  • Paid games are also on v Share.
  • Get frequently apps update.
  • Very decent look and optimized for tablets and phones.
  • Easy access.
  • Easy apps downloading.
  • Doesn’t require Jailbreak.

Before Proceeding

Follow these instructions before proceeding to install vShare on iOS 9.

  1. Recommended is Wi-Fi to download this appstore.
  2. When I installed this on my phone I didn’t has the Sim Card in it. So, you should do the same or turn on Airplane mode.
  3. Sometimes v Share can’t be downloaded. This is because of high load on thier server. In this case try sometimes later.
  4. Close all the background apps and then proeed.

Download vShare iOS 9.1 and Install without Jailbreak- New 2016 Method

This method is fully working. I have tried this just before writing this and till now vShare is running perfectly without any problem. It is installed on iPhone 4S unjailbroken running iOS 9.2. You can see the screenshot below.

iPhone vShare iOS version
iPhone vShare iOS version


  • First of all unlock your iPhone or iPad and close all the background apps.


  • Take out the sim card as I did or turn on Airplane Mode and connect to a Wi-Fi network.


  • Now open the safari browser. Type the Url on the top “” open this link.
vShare for iOS 9.1
Type URL. / ©vShareiOS9


  • After that vshare official server will open with two options to download vshare.
vShare for iOS 9.1
Download Unjailbroken. / ©vShareiOS9


  • Tap on the option Download Unjailbroken to install vShare iOS 9.1.


  • Now and installing profile will appear. Tap on the install option. Again the tap on the Install button that appears below.
vShare for iOS 9.1
Tap on Install. /©vShareiOS9


  • When it is completed installing then tap on the Done option.
vShare for iOS 9.1
Done Install. /©vShareiOS9


  • Congrats. vShare iOS is now installed successfully without any problem on your  phone. You can go to the apps sections to launch vShare and Enjoy Free Apps.
vShare for iOS 9.1
Launch vShare iOS. /©

That is it. This is the new method to download and install vShare iOS 9.1 perfectly without any problem. Hope you like it. If you are still facing any problems then freely ask the questions in the comments sections below and also share your views. Share this on social networks, forums and other websites. Like our Facebook page. Sharing buttons are below. Bye, Have a great day.


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