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vShare for iOS is the best and great way for installing paid apps for free. It is one of the biggest store on planet and even has better reputation than cydia and appcake becasue no jailbreak is required to install vShare iOS 9.2. What makes vShare so cool and popular is it has a huge amount of apps, almost more than 1 Million free apps and games which is guys a great no to count. There are those apps present also which are popular and not even available on official appstore. But there is one problem, most of the people don’t get lucky with installing vshare on iOS because sometimes it gives the error or some other issues and can’t be installed. That’s why we have made this 2016 new method for you to install vShare for iOS 9.2. This site vShareiOS9 is purely made only for vShare iOS users to help them install it on any iOS version. The methods here are first tested and then they are published. So, this method to download vShare iOS 9.2 will definitely work because I have tested this on iPhone 4s running iOS 9.2.

vShare has been very popular,successful and highly rated for being the appstore that provides the free utilities, apps, games and themes for iPhone and iPad. You may be familiar with this appstore and if you don’t know the proper way to install it or having trouble installing vShare on iOS 9.2 then just follow the below instructions below. Also you can download vShare iOS 9 and vShare iOS 9.1 on your iPhone or iPad. Basically when you install it, it opens you into thier official server where they all the collection of apps, games. This process will work on unjalilbroken iOS devices. So, let’s start our process to download v-share properly and safely on iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9.2

Vshare on iOS 9.2
Vshare on iOS 9.2


vShare for iOS 9.2- New 2016 Method

This method is authentic and will work for you as it worked for me on my iPhone 4s running iOS 9.2. I will attach the real screenshots below with the steps. For getting vShare on iOS 9.2 you should need an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9.2 version. It will also work on iOS 9, 9.1. If you do it properly then you are likely to not get an error while installation. Sometimes the cause of vShare error is that there huge volume of traffic on their server and it gets busy. So, in that case most of the users suffer to install v-share properly and get trouble often getting some errors either downloading an app from v share or downloading v share itself.

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In that case you should try sometimes later. And it is recommended to download vShare iOS 9.2 with Wi-Fi connection. When I installed the vShare the only thing change was I didn’t has the sim card. Maybe that is the reason why I got success. You should also turn on flight mode or takeout your simcard while installation. There is one new thing I noticed that when I installed it the name appeared for vshare was vShare Pro. So, enough of the talk let’ get to the real topic.

vShare for iOS Features

These are some features of vshare on iOS 9.2 that makes it great.

  1. Compatible with latest iOS version and versions up from iOS 8.
  2. The store now claims to have more than 60 Million users.
  3. Almost 1 Million apps are available.
  4. Get instant updates of apps installed on your phone.
  5. Very decent and optimized layout.
  6. Good downloading capability.
  7. Easy access and apps downloading.

Before Proceeding

I am going to write down that I did before successful vShare ios 9.2 installation. You should also follow these instructions.

  • You should use Wi-Fi connection.
  • I didn’t have the sim on my phone. You should also take out the simcard or turn on Airplane mode from Settings.
  • Close all the background apps.
  • Your phone should be unjailbroken and factory unlocked.
  • In case vshare fails to download then try sometime later.

Download vShare iOS 9.2 and Install without Jailbreak.- 2016 New Way

Follow the instructions below. I applied the same instructions on my iPhone 4S running on iOS 9.2 just before writing this and now vShare is working properly without any error. Screenshot of my iOS version is below.

iPhone vShare iOS version
iPhone vShare iOS version


  • Unlock your device and close all the background apps.


  • Take out the sim card or turn on the Airplane Mode from settings on your iPhone or iPad.


  • After that connect to a WiFi network. Open the safari browser on your device. Type the url on the top “”.
vShare for iOS.
Type URL. / ©vShareiOS9


  • After you go that url. vShare iOS official site will open with two options to download vshare. One option for unjailbroken device and one option for jailbroken device.
vShare for iOS 9
Download Unjailbroken. / ©vShareiOS9


  • Now once you are in vShare site. Tap on the option Download Unjailbroken to download vShare iOS 9.2 for iPhone or iPad.


  • After you tap on the Download option. An installing profile will appear. Tap on the install option on top right and again tap on the Install option.
vShare for iOS 9
Tap on Install. /©vShareiOS9


  • When installation completes. Finally tap on the Done option. And thus vShare installed on your device.
vShare iOS 9
Installation Done. /©vShareiOS9


  • Congrats, vShare is now installed on your phone. Now go to the apps menu and launch vshare pro and enjoy free apps.
vShare for iOS 9
Launch vShare iOS. /©

This is it. This was the method to download vShare iOS 9.2. Hope you like it. This should work for you as it worked for me. Comment below to share your views or if you have any problem. Please share this and like our facebook page.


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