Properly Download vShare iOS 9.3.2 without Jailbreak- 2016

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For all of those who have failed to download vShare for iOS can now try this new method to install vShare iOS 9.3.2 without jailbreak. You should have tried download vShare on your phone directly but this does not work for most of the people. Especially on iPhone 6 or 6s. You may be unable to download vshare for iOS 9.3.2 or many users may be getting only “Download Windows” option when you try to download vShare. The problem is now solved guys because now you can install vShare on your iPhone by using your PC. That’s right guys vShare can now be downloaded on your phone from your PC.

VShare helper is used to download vShare on iOS 9.3.2. This method works perfect. All the users who are having trouble installing vShare on thier iPhone or iPAD can follow this new process. It is pretty simple. You just have to install vShare on your PC and then connect your iPhone for downloading vShare iOS 9.3.2. Having vShare on ones iPhone or iPad is I thing the first wish of every one. It is the only appstore that will give you free apps and  games including the paid ones which are also free and the best part is it works without jailbreak.

vShare iOS
vShare iOS

vShare iOS 9.3.2

Now Install vShare for iOS 10

In this tutorial we will download vshare for iOS 9.3.2 with PC vShare helper. Those who are having only “download windows” vshare option can follow this guide as it is quick fix to “Download Windows “ vshare option appearing on iPhone. PC vshare is launched because most of the peoples were having trouble installing it so vShare Helper or  PC vShare is a tool that will quickly install vShare on your iPhone or iPAd.

What is vShare Helper?

vShare Helper is a PC vshare version with new improvements. It is used to install vShare on iPhone or iPAd by connecting it to the PC on the go. Those users who are unable to install vShare on their phone directly should follow this process. First you have to download vShare on your PC and let it to install. Then you need to connect your device to the PC and run vShare helper. From there you can install vShare on your iPhone.

vShare Features

These are some feature of vShare for iOS

  1. 10 Lac free apps and games.
  2. 150 Million users are using vShare.
  3. Decent and optimized layout.
  4. Easy access and UI.
  5. Easy apps downloading.
  6. Get instant app updates.
  7. Compatible with latest iOS version.

How Download and Install vShare for iOS 9.3.2 with vShare Helper or PC vShare

Follow the steps below to download and install vShare iOS 9.3.2 on your phone using the PC. You need a PC in order to do this process.


  • On your PC open the internet browser and open the URL Now from here tap on the “Download” option to download vShare helper on your PC.

download vshare pc


  • When vShare is downloaded on your PC. Open the app and install it. Chose any option you like. One key installation or custom installation.


  • Once vShare helper is downloaded. Launch it from homescreen.

vShare helper install


  • After that, connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC. Wait till the usb drivers install and you PC detects the device.



  • After successful connection,  your device status will be shown on the vShare helper screen.

Device Connect vShare Helper


  • At the bottom of vShare helper screen. There will be few apps shown. You can click on “install vShare” and with in a moment vShare iOS 9,3 will be installed on your phone successfully.


  • Disconnect your device from the PC. Lunch vShare and enjoy free apps and games.

And All Done!! You have now successfully installed vShare iOS 9.3.2 on  your i device. If you have any questions, ask in the comments section below. Please share it and subscribe. Like our facebook page and follow is on twitter.

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