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vShare is around between us for a fair amount of time now. Almost everybody is familiar with vShare but not everyone founds a proper and authentic way to download vShare iOS 9 as on most of the unjailbroken phones. It is an appstore that has been the best among iOS devices since it was released. vShare for iOS 9 can be downloaded and installed from this website for the very first time which brings the dedicated tutorials on only vShare for iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3. We will do our best to provide you every thing on vShare and as a repay you should support us by sharing this content on social networks, forums and other websites etc.

So, before we start let me give you are a little perception about what vShare is and how come it got so much successful. The reason behind this is the verstalility and availability of all the major apps under one platform and you can get almost any App or Game  without spending a single penny even if it is paid on official Appstore. That’s right guys. Because it is “vShare iOS” where you can get any app you want completely for free. And wait, this not it for vShare. Just free apps and Games, NO!. There is something more. The apps that are not even on iOS appstore are on vShare that is why more than 60 Million users are using this great free app store.

Now Install vShare for iOS 10

vShare iOS
vShare iOS

vShare for iOS 9 – New 2016 Method

If this Method doesn’t work then Install vShare with vShare Helper using your PC. Follow this Process.

Almost all the people who download and install iOS 9 vshare on their device get some error either while downloading it or installing and app from it. Some may get it right but some definitely do not. We will give you the new fully working method to Download vShare iOS 9 and install without jailbreak in 2016 so that you can download any app you want completely for free. I have tested this method myself on my iPhone 4S running on iOS 9.2 just before writing this article.

Yes, I will attach the detailed pics too that how i did it. Installing vShare is not that difficult. Our only purpose is to provide you all about vShare on iOS 9 without jailbreak that is why this is the only site purely made on vShare for iOS users. The method for installing this store perfectly on iPhone or iPad is below. Read every instruction carefully and follow them properly.

vShare Features

Some of the features that vShare is packed up with are below.

  1. Almost More than 60 Million users have been using vShare.
  2. The layout is so cool and decent.
  3. Any app or game can be downloaded for free.
  4. More than 1 Million apps and games are available.
  5. The downloading speed is good.
  6. Available for devices running on iOS 7.0 to iOS 9.3.1.
  7. Whenever new iOS version releases the newer version of vShare comes.

Before Proceeding

Before proceeding to download vShare iOS 9 on your device without jailbreak you should read these points.

  • Sometimes vShare can’t be downloaded or their site don’t open. This is because of the high users load on their server. In that case try sometime later.
  • You should have a good internet connection. Recommended connection is over WI-Fi.
  • Close all the background apps. Disable all the security features.
  • Restart your device. And now follow the below instructions.

Download vShare iOS 9 and Install Jailbreak – New 2016 Method

This method that I am going to state here is tested by me. I have just installed vshare on my iPhone 4s running on iOS 9.2 version before writing this method and it works fine. The only thing I did is that Sim Card was not inserted on my iPhone.


  • Unlock your iPhone or iPad and take out the Sim Card or if you can’t then just enable Flight Mode from Settings.


  • Now open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.


  • On the top enter the URL “” or open this link.
vShare for iOS.
Type URL. / ©


  • Once you go to that link vShare iOS 9 official site will open and there will be two options to download vShare.
vShare for iOS 9
Download Unjailbroken. / ©


  • Tap on the option Download unjailbroken and vShare will begin to install.


  • After that an installing profile will appear with two options. Tap on the Install option on the tight side. Again tap on the Install option below.
vShare for iOS 9
Tap on Install. /©


  • Once it is installed tap on the Done option.


  • Now vShare iOS 9 is installed completely on your iPhone or iPad. You just need to launch it. Go to the apps and tap on the vShare Pro app to launch and Enjoy Free Apps.


vShare for iOS 9
Launch vShare iOS. /©

So that is it. Hope you liked our tutorial on vShare iOS 9 If you face any error while downloading iOS 9 vShare then try again at later or restart your phone and make sure to takeout the Sim Card or enable flight mode.

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    1. The link to download vShare using PC is given in the post above. Full step by step method is provided in the link.

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