Download vShare for iOS 10 Install Without Jailbreak (Stable Edition)

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vShare for iOS 10 is available and you can install it easily. Lately the standard method to download vshare which was used on iOS 9 does not work anymore. vShare has updated and changed the look of its site so there is no download button available when you try to download vshare on your phone directly. Now vShare for iOS 10 is installed using PC with vShare helper tool and also the version of  this vShare installed now is vShare SE for iOS. I think SE is for stable edition. Vshare iOS 10 is now more stable. Moreover with vShare helper you can install apps from your pc on to your phone.

vShare has remained the best alternative of Cydia, appcake etc. Cydia require jailbreak which most of the users don’t want to but vShare can be downloaded without jailbreak. And that’s probably the cause why vShare got so much success. Almost every single app that is paid on itunes or Apple appstore is available for free on vShare app store. You can download free apps and games from vShare.

vshare ios 10

So, if you want to download vShare for iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPAd then head over to the method below. However if you are still on iOS 9.3.2 then download vShare iOS 9.3.2 with new method.

vShare iOS 10

To download vShare on iOS 10. You will need a PC. As this is a new method we will install vShare on iPhone or iPad using vShare helper tool which is PC version of vShare and is used to install v share on your iOS device. The version installed with helper tool on to your phone is more stable and efficient. The apps that were reported to be disappeared are now back like Moviebox.

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The previous methods to download vShare doesn’t work now. This is the only method that works for install vShare for iOS 10. If you are on lower iOS version like iOS 9.2, 9.3 then too follow this method to download vshare without jailbreak.

vShare for iOS 10 Features

These are some vShare SE features.

  1. 10 Lac free apps and games.
  2. 150 Million users are using vShare.
  3. Decent and optimized layout.
  4. Easy access and UI.
  5. Easy apps downloading.
  6. Get instant app updates.
  7. Compatible with latest iOS version.


This procedure requires

  • A PC running windows.
  • An iPhone iPAd or iPod.
  • USb Data Cable
  • An an internet connection.

Download vShare for iOS 10 without Jailbreak- vShare SE

Following are the steps to install vShare on iOS 10. Follow step by step.


  • Turn on your PC. Open internet browser or Google Chrome browser.


  • Type the URL or click here. Vshare site will open now with several download options. Click on the first Download option like in the picture below.

vShare installer download


  • Now vShare iOS 10 installer with start downloading on your PC.


  • Once vShare installer downloads click on its icon and install it. Chose One Key Installation.


  • After the installation Launch the vShare helper tool on your PC.

vShare helper install


  • Connect your iOS device to the PC. vShare helper will detect the device and authorize the apps. Wait till the successful connection is made.

vShare PC Program


  • After the successful connection, you device status will be shown on the screen.

vShare iOS 10 installer


  • At the bottom of the vShare helper screen there will be few apps among which one will be vShare. Tap on install vshare and within seconds vShare for iOS 10 will be installed on your phone.


  • Now disconnect your phone. Launch vShare SE iOS 10 from the homescreen. And All Done!!

vShare SE for iOS 10

That’s All guys. Hope you have perfectly installed vShare for iOS 10 without jailbreak. Comment below to share your views and problems. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

About vShare SE

vShare SE is a new stable edition of vShare. It has improvements, bug fixes and crash fixes. More apps are available and moviebox is back. This version is more efficient than the previous vShare pro version.



  1. Doesn’t work for me, if I want to download any app on PC it says download failure, and If I want to download on iPhone every app just points me on app store

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