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Hi guys. Today we are back with the latest update to install vShare for iOS 9.3.2. You must have updated your iphone or ipad to the new iOS 9.3.2 version and probably you will be looking to install v share and this is the right place for you. When it comes to downloading paid apps for free on iOS devices the first thing that comes to every one is jailbreaking. But serious guys there are a lot of other ways to by which you can get free apps and games without jailbreaking. vShare iOS 9.3.2 is one of that. By installing it on your phone you will be able to download all the apps that you want most likely you will get paid apps for free.

Most of the people are unable to install v share properly. Today I will show you a new trick to install it. You can install vShare for iOS 9.3.2 by following the steps below. vShare appstore has become the most popular platform for iOS apps and games and it has even crossed cydia, appcake, appsync etc on the long run. The reason is due to its installation without jailbreak and huge amount of apps. When you install vShare iOS 9.3.2 on your phone it opens you into their custom appstore where you can install free apps and games with ease. So let’s begin.

vShare iOS 9.3.1

vShare iOS 9.3

vShare iOS 9.2

vShare iOS 9.3.2

To download vShare for iOS 9.3.2 you will need an iPhone, iPad or iPod running on iOS version 9.3.1. vShare is basically a custom app store that provides free apps and games in a very easy way. This appstore provides the ipa cracked free files for iOS. These files are cracked apps and you can install on your phone by trusting their enterprise from the settings. Many of people fail to install vshare. This is because either they are in a location where vshare is not supported or when there is heavy load on the vshare servers which makes the downloading unusual.

In these situations wait for some time and try again another time or use a vpn or proxy connection to download vShare. I tried installing vShare on iOS 9.3.2 on my iPhone 5s and was successful. I will share with you the way that I did for vshare download iOS 9.3.2. You should follow the same process step by step below carefully and let me know in the comments whether you are successful or not so that I could help you out.

vShare Features

Here are some features of vShare appstore on iPhone/iPAd.

  1. 10 Lac free apps and games.
  2. 150 Million users are using vShare.
  3. Decent and optimized layout.
  4. Easy access and UI.
  5. Easy apps downloading.
  6. Get instant app updates.
  7. Compatible with latest iOS version.

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Before Proceeding

Before proceeding to install vShare for iOS 9.3.2 make sure

  1. Take out the simcard as I did or turn on the airplane mode form settings.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi network if available
  3. Close all the background apps.
  4. Disable FInd my iPhone from settings.

Download and Install vShare for iOS 9.3.2

Follow the steps below carefully to install vShare iOS 9.3.2


  • Unlock your iPhone and close all the background apps. Make sure you have taken out the simcard or enable Airplane mode from settings.


  • Now connect to the Wi-Fi network if available.


  • After that open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPAd.


  • In safari browser type the URL “” or open this link.
vShare for iOS.
Type URL. / ©vShareiOS9


  • After that the v share site will open with two options below download v share unjailbroken and jailbroken.


  • Now tap on the option Download Unjailbroken to install vshare for iOS 9.3.2 without jailbreak.

Note: If download option for vshare does not appear then open any app that appears on and download it. This will give you the option to download vshare on your phone.

vShare download
Download Unjailbroken. / ©vShareiOS9


  • After that an Installing profile will appear. Tap on Install option and again tap on Install.

Note: If download unjailbroken option does not show for your phone, most likely iPhone 5 or 5s, iPhone 6 or 6s, then you should install vshare using vShare helper. Follow this method.


  • When installation completes tap on the Done option.
Install vShare iOS 9.3.2
Tap on Install. /©vShareiOS9


  • V Share is now installed on your phone. Go to the apps menu and launch vShare Pro. Enjoy free apps and games.
vShare download iOS 9.3.2
Launch vShare iOS. /©

Note: If an untrusted app enterprise pop up appears then simply tap on the trust option and open vShare.

That is it fellows. Hope you like our method to download vShare for iOS 9.3.2. Comment below to share your views. Please share it and subscribe. Like us on facebook and follow on twitter.


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